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Good news! It is possible for us all to be happier, and the science of happiness has revealed exactly how to find greater joy, meaning and fulfillment in our everyday lives.


In these interactive 4 hour workshops, you will discover proven techniques for greater 'highs' as well as more sustainable keys to contentment. Learning through laughter, exploring practical exercises and sharing discussion, you will connect, play, and explore, boosting your mood and increasing your ability to 'bounce back' better and stronger.

What is the result of the longest happiness study ever conducted? What is the happiness paradox? Why are smiles so infectious? Leave with the answers to these questions and more + the full recipe for a happier you... 

Tom Veryzer is a trained 'happiness facilitor' certified by The Museum of Happiness

To book a workshop at your event / show your interest in upcoming workshops: get in touch via the form at the bottom of this page.

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 "Thank you for putting a much needed skip in my step since attending your course." - Mikee

"What a lovely way to spend an afternoon!  We really enjoyed ourselves." - Liz

"Tom’s happiness workshop was informative, interactive and most importantly fun! It offered a great opportunity to look at what makes us happy and to get involved in a range of bespoke exercises & activities. My mood was definitely up by the end." - Sarah

Tom is proud to have worked with:

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