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Good news! It is possible for us all to be happier, and the science of happiness has revealed exactly how we can find greater joy, meaning and fulfillment in our lives.


In these friendly and interactive 4 hour workshops, you will discover proven techniques towards greater happiness, discuss philosophical and inspirational ideas to boost your daily life, and learn to increase your resilience and inner peace.

Most of the workshop takes the form of informal seated tasks and discussions, with other more practical exercises designed to playfully challenge your comfort zone.

The aim is to leave having been on a whistle-stop tour of this fascinating and rich subject, create new neural connections that can flourish over time, try out and take away various strategies for better wellbeing, and meet some new people and perspectives along the way. 

To book a place at the next workshop on Sunday 2nd July 13:00 - 17:00 at EC school, Manchester Street, Brighton (£35), or for more information about booking a happiness talk / team-session for your school or workplace, get in touch via the form at the bottom of this page.



 "Thank you for putting a much needed skip in my step since attending your course." - Mikee

"What a lovely way to spend an afternoon!  We really enjoyed ourselves." - Liz

"Tom’s happiness workshop was informative, interactive and most importantly fun! It offered a great opportunity to look at what makes us happy and to get involved in a range of bespoke exercises & activities. My mood was definitely up by the end." - Sarah

Tom Veryzer is a trained 'happiness facilitor' certified by The Museum of Happiness

Tom has worked with:

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